Prosilas : 3D Printing with PA11 material & design

Joined force to create the Neil’s earring and double finger ring, made from PA11 material, were collaboratively designed and 3D printed.

Fashion, by its very nature, is a realm of constant exploration and reinvention. It is a space where new ideas merge with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

When JNORIG expressed their desire for designs that defied convention and embodied sustainability, Prosilas together with BASF Forward AM eagerly accepted the challenge. The task at hand was to produce jewelry pieces with unconventional shapes using sustainable materials, all while maintaining an impeccable level of surface finishing akin to creations from another world.

This challenge perfectly aligned with Prosilas and BASF’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology and sustainable manufacturing. Pairing with JNORIG, new types of accessories will be introduced such as the nail tips, earrings and even a double finger ring that will add an edge to the already out-of-this-world looks created byJNORIG.