Silver 950 with Amethyst Gemstone

Pamela Bahre, a former international model turned jewelry designer, and infuses each piece with the essence of the wearer. Born in Chile, Bahre’s early ability to perceive auras and recognize divinity led her in search of beauty and truth. The designer rejects the conventional approach to jewelry collections. Instead, she offers personalized consultations, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with each individual’s desires and needs. Working exclusively with noble metals such as silver, gold, platinum, along with gemstones in their natural state and with minimal treatment, Bahre’s designs defy convention with rough edges and unique textures.

Their creations are described as suitable for ‘very adventurous people’ especially those in the art industry. Bahre’s mission goes beyond aesthetics, it seeks to bring out the best in the wearer and infuse awareness into each piece, clearing paths to wholeness and perfection.