Unique platform where the digital and physical realms merge, crafting a more sustainable future for fashion


At Studio 1o, we’re committed to reshaping the fashion industry by integrating the digital and physical realms. Our mission is to drive innovation and sustainability, creating a world where fashion transcends traditional boundaries and embraces the future.

Our vision is to become the leading platform in the phygital luxury fashion space, where creativity

and technology converge to offer groundbreaking fashion experiences. We aim to set new standards in the industry, promoting a more sustainable, inclusive, and digitally advanced fashion world.

Studio1o revolutionises the fashion industry by providing you with the tools and access to master and champion sustainability, expand or introduce your business to international wholesale channels, wholesale management, 3D-printing technologies, made-to-order products, and full access to our cutting-edge phygital platform and showrooms.
Specialising in helping brands to boost and increase their wholesale networks, we offer a unique approach that aims to combine the art of fashion with selling whilst offering innovative fashion technology and sustainable solutions.


Embracing Diversity, Empowering Voices.

Studio 1o champions inclusivity, celebrating diverse identities and perspectives in fashion. We break norms to make fashion accessible and empowering for everyone.


Authenticity in Every Stitch.

Studio 1o is grounded in authenticity, from transparent practices to genuine community connections. We focus on real solutions for sustainability and ethical fashion.


Innovating at the Intersection of Fashion and Tech.

Creativity is our cornerstone, blending traditional craftsmanship with digital innovation. We encourage bold exploration to redefine fashion’s future.


Studio1o offers brands an exceptional opportunity to exhibit their creations in both physical and digital showrooms, effectively broadening their consumer reach. Our physical showroom, strategically located in the heart of Barcelona, becomes a hub of activity, particularly during fashion weeks, attracting a multitude of international buyers. This space offers a tactile, personal experience where your products can be appreciated in their full glory.

However, the journey doesn’t end there. We take your brand’s visibility to the next level with our digital showroom. To leverage this opportunity, all you need to do is provide us with your linesheet, pricing details, and images of your collections. From there, Studio1o’s sales experts take the Lead. Our team is dedicated to actively promoting your brand, utilizing their expertise to pitch your collections to our extensive network of over 600,000 retailers. This dual approach not only amplifies your brand’s presence but also significantly scales your wholesale sales, merging the traditional allure of physical showrooms with the expansive reach of digital platforms